Getting Mortgage Ready


Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a second-stepper or further up the housing ladder, buying a home is always a big move and can feel a bit like a roller coaster ride at the best of times. With 60% of buyers reporting being put off moving because they find the idea overwhelming, here are some tips [...]

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Are you making the most of your ISA allowance?


In the Financial Lives 2020 survey from the FCA, it has been found that older adults were more likely to hold a savings account of any type, than younger adults. For example, 83% of those aged 55+ did, compared with 63% of 18–24-year-olds. So, how could an ISA help you? ISA An ISA is [...]

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Reckless Caution Is Costing Savers


New research from The Openwork Partnership, one of the UK’s largest and longest established financial advice and investment networks, shows more than 11.6 million are keeping all their money in cash despite ongoing low rates. Its nationwide study found 22% of adults prefer to keep all their money in cash while the same number [...]

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National Insurance Rise


National Insurance Set to Rise in April 2022 National Insurance contributions are set to increase by 1.25% in April this year, as part of the government’s plans to fund the health and social care sector in the UK. The rise comes after the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the health and social care [...]

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Investment Update – Shaken but not stirred


Persistently high inflation is putting pressure on central banks to raise interest rates, which unsettled markets during the first few weeks of the year At the start of 2020, the World Bank issued a warning that the global economy faces a variety of challenges, including new Covid variants, high inflation and an uncertain geopolitical landscape. [...]

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Investment Update – Inflation and Omicron set the scene for investors


Markets signed off the year amid high inflation rates and renewed concerns over the coronavirus The Omicron variant of the coronavirus unsettled markets at the beginning of December, with investors unsure about how renewed restrictions on socialising and travel will affect the global economy. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) urged national [...]

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TSA welcomes Victoria Kyte


We are delighted to welcome Victoria Kyte as a new Mortgage and Protection consultant to our practice. Victoria joins us from a legal background where she worked as a Solicitor specialising in Personal Injury and Property Litigation over the past 15 years. Having recently completed her Mortgage and Protection qualifications to qualify for this [...]

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Investment Update: Energy shortages and supply disruptions continue


Stock markets bounced back in October despite an unsettled month due to global supply disruptions and energy shortages. Financial markets were unsettled in October for a number of reasons. They include soaring energy prices due to the global shortage of natural gas supplies and high demand in Asia. Markets became calmer after Russian President [...]

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How to make ISAs work for you


Make the most of your tax allowances by using the different types of ISAs that are available. Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) were first introduced in 1999 and are a tax-free way to save into a cash savings or investment account. There lots of different types of ISA available, but the right one for you [...]

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Can your pension sustain your retirement?


Working out how long your pension pot will need to last – as life expectancy rises – is worth thinking about sooner than later. The lockdown caused many people to reassess their lifestyles, which for some meant choosing early retirement. But what retirees have found is that pension pots are not matching the period [...]

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